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Microsoft Power Point is a widely used tool for teaching in professional courses. Students expect it, teachers use it; but how effectively are the slides helping students to understand concepts?

Although, PowerPoint is an application designed to help the speaker or lecturer assemble professional looking slides to be used in oral presentations but the result sadly is often an unending stream of slides with bullet lists, animations that obscure rather than clarify the point and cartoons that distract from rather than convey the message.

Designing effective presentations is the need of the hour since we are experiencing paradigm shifts in teaching and learning methodologies. PPT’S are used widely for seminars in post-graduation, meetings, conferences, paper presentation etc. With effective ones, you can be the star of the occasion!

This course started in January 2020 and gained immense popularity because of its practical implications. Dr. Angelina has coached 300 students so far and the feedback has been encouraging.




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