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Competency-based medical education seems to be the new buzzword in Medical Education scenario. As MCI has changed the curriculum from 2019 batch, this will be the 2ND YEAR in which we will be covering entire syllabus of all three Professionals in 1 year with lot of Integration activities. Bottom line is, we need to discuss the competencies mentioned  in MCI  documents and create materials for the same. We need to discuss  the document provided by MCI  and create competency based study materials, presentations, question banks  and processes. The group will be coordinated under the leadership  of some of prominent teachers of India and the world.

The group will commence from 30th July tentatively and will function for 4 months.
This will be a 3rd batch and version 3 will be differennt from other versions .We will focussing on the gaps from previous versions
The main purpose of the groups is to improve our CBME Training through creating awareness in Competencies in ALL  Subjects  separately. Only registration form is common for all subjects. Please use DROP DOWN Option to select your  subject. Classes for all subjects will be held together. However for individual competencies specific to subjects there will be subject specific sessions .

However, a lot of TEAMWORK among different specialties will an additional feature this year.

At the end we can jointly develop a competencies document for all subjects for Undergraduate Medical Education which we can modify accordingly.

This is the 3rd  YEAR and the 3nd batch we will be conducting these sessions and it will be an UPGRADE  from last year. PARTICIPATION  IN DISCUSSIONS IS COMPULSORY along with assignment.

Please provide both WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM IDS.

The modules include
1) Introduction to Competency Based learning as applied to respective subjects

2)Creating competencies for all the chapters one by one as part of multiple groups  after discussion

3)Alignment and Integration with other subjects in 1st Professional as well as vertical integration with other subjects




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