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MEU  India was started in 2007 November. And at that time, the number of participants was very low. And it was a continuation of my FAIMER  project, electronic classroom in undergraduate teaching, which was made using a yahoo group, and in various medical education conferences people joined, And a large number of discussions took place a large number of journal clubs. News about medical conferences about activities in medical science, create thus creating a network of medical educators, which went on expanding and expanding from the 150 members in the beginning to 20,000 health professional teachers in the, over the years. This led to a creation of a national mastermind, which is on its way to work collaboratively towards improving our medical education system and make possible the continuous dissemination of information and a bottom up. Spiraling of ideas to the top most.

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MEU India envisages playing a consistent catalytic role in transforming the medical education and health system of India through intelligent use of concepts of Medical Education in combination with Medical Informatics and medical sciences in general.


MEU India aims to create multiple networks of Health Professional Educators to interconnect them all over the country. We create courses based on various knowledge gaps, irrespective of speciality, trying to anastomose in the silos of knowledge. Using online technology, we craft an assessment oriented atmosphere which plays a catalytic role in transforming the Medical Education and Health System of India.
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